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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  January 10, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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with humira, remission is possible. z3pgqz z1ncz
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y3pgqy y1ncy watching kron 4 news. now 9 more than 2 years after a violent attempted rape a rideshare driver has been arrested the 7 tail coun sheriff's office says. >>the n francisco man held the victim at knipoint on new year's day back in 2018. good evening, thanks for bein with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus and on vii liviakis the victim tes police that this happed. >>after he gave her a ride down tothe peninsula but demandd as payment. but first dan thorn live for in san carlos he joins us with more on this crime and the arrest and. >>well vicki police tell us at this woman actually fought off her attemed
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rapist twice investators having to use dna tofind t suspect and now more than2 years later, they got their man. thsan mateo county deputies make an arrest in a rideshare nightmare, year-old richa so of sa francisco was arrested thursday more than 2 years after police say he tried to rape a passeer at knifepoint the victim says this happened after so ve her a ride to san carlos and st before they arrived at their destinatio >>he pulled out a nice and dended from her instead of payment for the ride. >>sheriff's officespokeswoman rosemarylanks, wade says so saw the woman on a san francisco sidelk during he early morning hours f new year's day 2018 she was waiting for a ride, but instead of taking it so offered to drive her. she hopped in and things took a turn for the worse so madean unexpected stop hind a buiness along the 300 block of el camino reale it was there he requested a sadistic
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payment but the victim fought back. >>she w able to fight him off not only on one occasion but ice and the cond time she was able to run to a gas station where she asked for help and they called 911. >>investigators found so through a dna sample the processing took some time but they eventually found a match processing dna and any time we have to use outside labs are resources often times can take a while but it's important that we don't giveupon our victims. no matter how long it takefor is investigation to be completed blanks de says the sheriff's offi encourages the use ofride sharing services, bu people should take the proper safety precaions when gettg into someone else's car verifying the car that shows up is the make model nd license as the one that you ordered. and the drer is one in the same 2 and that will help also prevent situations like this from happening. >>the sherifs office says that still was contracted with the ride sharing service at the time, but he was not on
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duty when this happened. he's now facing a series of felony charges, including attempted rape and kidnapping, reporting live in san carlos can thorn kron 4 news. thank you dan san jose, a longtime employee and avis rental ar. >>was aested for battery police say a woman ported in september that this man. >>ranjitsingh burke touch her inappropriately while she was running a r. merck worked as a customerservice representative at a bus for more than 20 years. detectives believe thereould be additiol viims. they're asking anyone with informion regarding this incident or others to call san jose police. >>in davis a memorial service was held to honor 2 offics who were shot and killed in the line of duty just last year officer, natie corona died while responding to a 3 car crash. and in 1959 douglas cantrell waresponding to reports of 2 people acting suspiciously and he died hackerone is family collgues and all who knew her say they
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are still mourning her death which left an indelible mark on the davis community. >>and back at natalie service and told them that they'd always be part of our family. and they've takeus up on that and you know we've had a lot of members here standin very close contact with them. th've attended many ents and i've had thopportunity to speak many times start nice to be able to see them to support them. as an officer with the davis killed. ertment when she was >>it's now the county is addressing its homeless crisis the county supervisors held a community meetingonight. updating residents on the growing encampment on the joe rideaux to trail. the meeting comes fridaafter video of rat infestation that was really stunned. now the unty's top homelessness oficial has just resigned covers gay, ong a she was at the meeting tonight and joins us now with what's next game.
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>>yeah, vicki one makes it complicated the trail is on city limits but county property. so tt's why it took a while to address this issue t county has set $12 million to address this crisis and tonight. they did admit they have a problem. >>that's the first thing sonoma county supervisor lynda hopkins who represents district 5 told the crowd what went wron i do wish that we had been able to move fa. we are also slowed by the kincade fire we actually had a massive fort to get people off the and unfortunately as we're re sort of up to our necks in a recovery from that fire. the population thatexploded again along the trail re she's talking about this some 200 people living on job or dota trail in santa ra lastweek we showed you this rats roaming around seen throu infred video from the county sheriff, the couy has since stted pest control and added toilets and hand washing stations in the midst of this crisis, the county is also in a trantional phase behind
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the scenes, the ecutive director of the comnity development commission resigned on thursday the cdc serves as the lead agency for homelessness in sonoa county an interim has been assigned supervisor hopkinswanted to address the public friday evening, everyone is always trng to push back there is always going to be fear an concern but we all have to step up and doour part it was packed at the roseland village community center people we spoke with want he the homeless. we have unhoused people living in our community and i want to see them receive shelter, this particular eting at people team up in groups then come upwith one question per tae. some were aceful others were not buying it. we have 6 months before she's realize what's going on and the only reason she's here now. >>'s because of public pressure and because we're starting to recall are officiallythat they all want solutions movingforward the county has set site on 3 properties for shared housing. and some of those properties, there's looking at is a pk
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and the other is that the colex of the county administration offices which is by the sheriff's office. >>the board of supervisors will vote next week and the meantime they do plan t clear the trail by the end of the month, reporting live santa rosa gayle ong on 4 news. >>a group of homeless moms in the east bay says despite a judge's order they will not leave the vacant west oakland home where they've been living ev since mid-october earlier today in alameda county moms have no valid claim to be in the home and they have to leave within 5 days or face eviction. >>kron four's dan kerman reports. m not leaving 're noleaving at a news conference friday, dominue walker one of the homeless mom says taking over this vacant west oakland home made it clear they have no plans move. >>this despite an alameda county superiocourt judge's order friday morning that found the moms had no valid clm of possession to the
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days to vacate we're very pleased with the judge's ruling a spokespeon for wedgwood properties which owns the home believes the judge made the right call it follows what the law is it falls with ethics and morals or. >>to protct people's homes and protect people's properties. the squatters ongly took over this home they broke into it. we courage them to leave peacefully can voluntarily this is what we're up against. >>a corporation who ll put mothers and thr children out into the street bank and tha it is the moral and right thing to do but the moms for housing say ts is just the beginning of a movement to bring awareness to a housing crisis which favors rich over poor this could be anyone >>this could byou this could be your loved one that needs housing which is why we are screaming to the top of our lungs. the housing is a right. >>that everyone should have access to the judge's order
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indicates the moms can be forcibly removed in 5 days >>because of that the moms for housing have asked their supporters to join them at the hou beginning monday rning. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>4 zo focast as we take a live look from r sutro cam that beautiful shot overlooki sa francisco, beautiful deed maybe not as crystal clear as it has been there earlier this week though meteorolist mabrisa rodriguez is here some clouds are starting to move in cheers tothe weekend it's friy and. >>we havea big weekend ahead. yeah, big ekend in e big game ahead so all eyes will be on the weather, let's take a look at our orm tracker 4 from earliertonight. we did notice clear skies but now we're noticing an increasein cloud cover is storms from the pacific northwest starting to make its way to the bay area this weekend and into early next week so we are noticing that increase in high cloud cover d tonight storm will be the akest of the next 4 that will make its way to the bay area and the next 7
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days storm number 2 that will be sunday we cld see about a 10th of an inch of rain or le with the highest amounts for those of you in the north bay nd then with storm number 3 that arrives monday guy winds could actually see some wind advisories issued for parts of the bay area and snow levels above 2500 feet so et's ke a look at our future cast model anyou showers tonight, but we are going to noti drier weather just in time for kickoffor the 49 ers game as they take on the vikings that drying your saturday night but sunday could sesome light bands of rain trying to make its ay into the north and then monday storm number 3 arrives in this one could bring us se measurable amounts of rain even extending into tuday, so about a quarter an inch of rain or less with gusty windspeeds as well, here's a live look outside from the east bay er berkeley in temperatures on thmild side upper 40's and low 50's fortunately not going to be as chilly overnight as it wa last night and this morning woke up to a very chilly
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daytime highs, very dry and asonable in the mid to upper 50's, let's take a look ahead at the extend forecast because you'll see storm number4 arrivingon wednesday lasting through friday and th one is going to be very typical for this time of year, sowe could see about an inch of rain or less along the coast and wind gusts upwards of 15iles per hour or less with some snow above the highest peaks as well so going to ke an eye on that fo from now until then we're gradually going to see some storms making its w to the bay area storm door wide open and it's going to arrive with the main event on wednesday grant vicki back toou risa thank you in world news tonit, iran says it unintentionally shot down a ukrainian jeliner. >>killing all 176 people on board. for several daysran had denied its volvement in the deadly crash. but in a released tonight, iran blames human errofor the shoot down. it also says the plane was mistaken for a hostile
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target after a turn toward a sensitive military center. the revolutionary guard, th ukrainian jet liner when down duringtakeoff in iran's capital just hours after iran launched missiles an american military base in iraq. the majority of the passengers on board that plane were from canada. the iranian foreigminister tweeted after the announcement sang in part our profound regrets apologies and condolencesto our people the families of all the victims and 2 others and the affected nations hubert. >>making some changes now that has to abide by a new california law 5 went into effect ts year earlier this month, which means drivers that work with uber can no longer be trted just controversial i was some people com for his ice of the money and live for in the studio with what the. >>the coany will be doing differently company says that this is all in response o that new law and there will be changes to both the drivers but the stomers as well so
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let's take a look at how this will impact writers in particular over says that insteadof seeing an exact price before you call for a ride. look here is a price nge and that you will only see the final price until the end of your trip. writers will also be able to request a favorite driver and if yo rate them one star you'll never see them appear as an option for you again. also some over awards will be a thing of the past. the company released a statement saying quote ab 5 threens to restri or eliminate opportunities for inpendent workers across a wie spectrum of dustries, including trucking freelance journalism and ride sharinwe put forward a progressive package of new protections for drivers, including guaranteed minimum earngs and benefits. so voters can choose to truly improve flexible work in november ov is trying to find a way to remain an option r flexible work which is a main draw the company warns drivers claiming if they don't prices r rides will go up back to you. >>thank you. la group of bart paengers as saying that they
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were haassed on a station platform and had to wait aut 15 minutes for police to arrive this all haened in >>first rain of the morning st friday, a woman was yelling at them spitting on them and hitting the passngercrawford's michelle kingston spoke to the man. the mawho says that he held the woman down on e ground to keep everyby safe. until police arrived. >>every day e see something. pushing who said being fiting. thstealing. >>and through me are takes the first train out of the antioch bart staon every morning that the same group of commuters and last friday, he says they were approached by a woman who was unstable. yelling at them spitting on them and slappinthem with the phone charger. >>you don't know when should drop soething from her bag an what's. >>the big and some are held her down on the grnd to protect the other commuters waiting for th train. others called poce r help after looking around the bart
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station d realizing they were alone. >>th're on the commuters to exact knowsupervirs us. absolute only to people we asked inbart officials tell us that ther are agents working inside the antioch station when the group of commuters needed help they called police but it took em 15 mites to arrive. bart officials say that's because pittsburgh. do you feel safe at the mt foreign station. >>safe means at you suppose to some get support from someone or somebody. >>that is nobody. bart officials say there are supervisors to monitor d walk the antioch station but not at all times they say there are station cameras that are frequently motod when police finally arrid to the scene some are said he and the other commuters to not press charges or sign a statent because they needed to get to wok the woman was arrested for vandalizing the train.
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those curity. >>if something happened here to take home. it is going to >>in an e r michelle kingston kron 4 news. today, crime we leaed is up on barred in 2019 bart says it saw an 11% increase in crime overall compared to the year before at a 4% rise in violen crime. 59% of the violent crime is related to the theft of electroc devices. today officerhanded out flyers warning riders to protect themselves and their phones sparks says its plan is to combat this ime and others by having 12 new swn officers, hit the trains an platforms as well as 10 new they're calling them. you can stt seeing those12 new offirs starting monday and the 10 eu ambassadors will begin next month. >>the ambassadors program is all part of ba's new police
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chief's plan to combat bart's new chief and alvarez is an east bay nave who has spent his entire 22 year. career wi bart alvarez was selected following a nationwe search. the new bart board president latifa simon call today a new day at bart in touted alvarez as a compassionate leader committed o ideals of 21th century policing. >>and this just to the kron 4 news room, san francisco distrt attorney's chase a bull dean has just announced that he'sired at least 6 staff members on his management team. in a statement releed tonight the dean's office said quote i had to make difficult staffing decisions today in order to t in place a management team that wi help me accomplish the work. i committed to do for san francisco, but again was just sworn in this week. >>police say a man tried to register a stolen car with a backpack full of drugs and a gun in it this happened at the hayward env yesterday
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apparently the guy said he didn't know that the car had been stolen so officers allowed the man to leave as the man told officers that he needed the backpack he in the car and that's when things didn't goo smoothly for this drir take a look officers found this in the backpack they checked it, they say there was a loed gun. that was stolen as well as a rge amount of drugs also a scale bags for dealing drugs and a mask. police arrested the man after they found all these things. 4 years big day is almost he we've been talking about it. the anticipation is building levi person iraq and tomorrow. >>when the niners has the vikings in the divisional round matchup yet to be the niners first playoff game in santa clara mark caenter with us now with the latest from the team and. >>u know just so anxious so all week so excited and it's like et's go already let's go
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already indeed all right we've en talking about 40 niners vikings i think it's an interesting matchup to the vikings don't feel lika typical wild card team but we're talking about a san francisco club that has home field advantage here the top seed, let's go now so much s been made of thfact that this is a playoff debut for st of the 49 ers roer. but this trip is especial meaningful for one veteran who has been waiting a while to last time this franchise made the postseason 2013 left tackle joe staley the only 49 or left from that run since then it's been lean the end of the jimharbaugh 10 year then there were the jimtomsula and chip kelly seasons below 500 the last 4 years other 35 yearld wonder if a chance a lumbar trophy would ever come again when john lynch and kyle shanahan came aboard he saw the potential for >>idea i said like now hours earlier, but mean there are some doctors are. the other franchises think it's going forward about her forearm. yo
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don't want to make our own john and the vision after the pret confident that we are indeed for this. after that i was from what i thought and so bill to see this through and so excited to rinse out too. >>go get it done the 49 ers are ven-point favorites if they win they'll face the winneof packers seahawks in e nfc championship game and we ve all your playoff coverage on air online through kron on kate really started off saturdaymorning with the red and gold own priew show at 9.30 and then terwards a full recap saturday night at 9 back to you grant vicki k. >>the kill away coming up the tension in the middle east continues why present trump says the us had to attack first in killng that iranian >>its charged after
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anti-vaccine protester has been carged with 2 felonies f throwing a cup of menstrual blood at a state senator last ar on september 13 senars had just finished a vote and 3 year-old rebecca dilella e o. >>allegedly tossed the blood on the floor the senate from thpublic gallery saying quote that's for the dead babies the sacramento county district attorney's office is charging dileo with vandasm and assault on a public ffial. she is scheduledo >>federal health officials are
9:25 pm
inspecting you know 70's of food service areas after at least a dozen people reported getting sick with stomach service and us public health service say that they have begun investigating after employees and visitors reported the problem this month at this time they ha not identified the illness or the origiof the outbreak, 70 officials say people who have gotten sick are now getting better or have already recovered. >>up next from homelessness t wildfires governor newsom unveils his budget for califnia, includinga plan to give teachers thoands of dollars plus if you'reloin for a job kron 4 maybe cover details on how you n apply to be a ensus bureau worker plus what wathought to be gunshots a palo alto ighborhood turned out to be robbermaking their way into a safeway pharmacy. on a
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did you know this is where you can harness yournner jedi? and tear around radiatorprings? or get your flex on th the incredibles kids enjoy the magicorust $67 per child per day, with a 3-day 1-park per day ticket. >>tonight police in palo alto are stillooking for 3 people connected witan armed robbery at a safeway store happened this morning as kron fo's rob fladeboe reports tonight they forced their way into the sre's pharmacy and made off wi prescription drugs. >>the friday morning a report of possible nfire here at this 24 hour safely on middlefield road. >>it turns out was sounded like a gunshot was actually
9:29 pm
the sound of the intruders smashing their way through a door to the pharma at the rear of the store. there was a gun, however says palo alto police sergeant craig leave 3 suspects did in fact enter intothe store. one of the suspects branshed the farm and ordered one ofthe employees onto the ground while the other suspects went to thfore pharmacy area which was closed and locked. >>and they made a forceful entry into that ea and they took an undetermined aren't disclosed that since point amount of drugs for highs comes just days after another dang smash and grab burglary at stanford shopping center. >>thieves use rocks to smash display cases and bloomingdale's reportedly getting away with some $80,000 worth of merchandise. coul there be a connection that's a good we've be able and that ere are 2 completely different isolated incidents. no one s hurt in the safeway robbery police say the 3 suspects so f described only as hispanic males in their
9:30 pm
20's. >>made their taway in a red four-door chevy pickup truck. they were last seen headed east on oregon exprsway. >>we should they are currently reviewing surveillance video in the hope might provide a more detailedescription of thsuspect, but so far are not ready to make it public in po alto rob adeboe kron 4 news >>the last of 3 people tried for e murder of keith green has been reased from jail that happened today, but he was immediately then taken into custody by homeland security agents olivier adela who admitted to dumping. keith green's body in that murder case it leaves defense attorneys ll kron 4. they don't really know was odell is real name is they think 's been using a fake french passport and isoriginally from the ivory coast. green was murdered bin apl of 2016 you see him herewith lee lee is that hillsbough real estate heiress as part of the
9:31 pm
plea deal. adela pleaded no contest to being an accessory to murder after his confession befoe he was taken away. greens broken hearted mother shared her thoughts with him in court today. all this. >>adele andwas released from local custody because he has already served enough time in jail to fulfill the maximum 3 year sentence. >>in national news tonight. predent trump is suggesting that 4 embassies were potentially being targeted prior to the us is assassination of top iranian general qassem soleimani but la wasn't part of their briefings on the attack. cnn's kaitlan
9:32 pm
coins reports. without offering any specifcs. preside trump now says a top iranian commander killed in a us airstrike was plotting attacks on multiple us embassies can reveal that i bieve it would have been 4 embassies. >>earlier his secretary of state spoke inbroad terms as he dismissecriticism that the administration has failed to back up its claim th killing general soleimi whose was justified by an imminent threat s we had spific in nation the information on an imnent threat. >>and that'sthreat stream incled attacks on us embassies. immediate the threat was have been fueled by aners like this from pompeo there is no doubt that there were a series of imminent attacks that would be clouded by qasim suleimani. >>we don't know precisy when and we don't know prisely where but it was real missio pressed to clarify his definitionof the word imminent pompeo
9:33 pm
>>what is your denition of in that this was going to happen. in american lives were risks and we would have been called public negligent as the chairman of joint chiefs of staff said we would have been culpable negligence. >>and wenow recommend to the president that he take this action qassem soleimani he made the right call in america's safer as a sult of never told about plots on us embassies. >>during closed door briefings with trump's top aides earlier this week. >>not one word ofthat was mentioned though pompeo is insisting they were where we get to back of it authorization of force without congressional apoval the administration is relying on the telligence community that thpresident has repeatedly attacked haven't in this case, the intelligence community goit fundantally right. >>the president's frustration wason full display last night at a campaign rally in ohio. >>when he attacked democrats for passing a resolution that would mit future military
9:34 pm
action against iran without congressional approval, the vicious. but sources say he's also furious with some members ofis own party after 3 republicans crossed party lines to vote fo the resolution. >>that was kaitlan collins reporting for us tonight. >>governor newsome unveiled the state'sbudget today the spending plan222 billion dollars it covers an ary of big issues facing california governor already proposed spending billioto confront the homelessness crisis. >>and today he revealed the plan to address th affordability crisis newsom announced a new cao r x generic dr program, it's going to make californithe first state to do so. >>also the buet includes a plan to pay for health care of people, 65 and older living in the country illegally he prosed hiring nearly600 firefighters over the next 5 years. >>increasing the mber of year-round fire engines
9:35 pm
available providing support for state firefighters health and wellne and spending million on fire resistant whole 7 years proping historic level ofunng for k through 12 schools part of stipends to teachers at high 0 school. >>a rather high need schools. >>purdue in $20,000 statements. if youteach for years. when you teach a high need schools. 're going to create in econom incentives $20,000 statements. that's a $100 milon commitment just in this budget year to award the teachers for doing the rit thing. >>this is ju a first step in the process wsome will revise his plan won't state officials ve a better estimatof how much money the state will collect in taxes this year. state lawmakers have until june 15th to vote on the budget proposal and th send it to the governor for his approval if you're looking for a job the us census bureau islooking for
9:36 pm
you right now there are thousands of jobs available for 2020 cens, takers. >>in both alameda d contra costa counties today. the census is hiring a having lived there have tually having a hiring fair thatruns through saturday in oakland and sam ramon to fill those vacant lot. >>we have a goal of of selecting or or findg about 000 were about 60% to our goal right now wee got about the have 9 weeks of a recurring cycle left so ere's plenty of opportunity for ople that want to have the reason the decent paying jobs. they're flexible ople can work. nights weekends work around existing bs. >>the us census hiringair in san ramon, a it was a moment ran today from one to 07:00pm and also on saturday tomorrow from10:00am to 03:00pm requirements are pretty sile. i have to be at least and you alsohave can apply online at 2020 census dot gov
9:37 pm
forward slash jobs. >>and a light storm is set to make its way into the bay area during the overnit hours 49 e game and you're t the microclimate turdayforecast after the break plus a vicious attack caught on camera on e are just walking down the o street, how neighbors are reacting when we come ck. >>sports is next mark carpenter has more on the nirs playoff game tomorrow with the vikin, he gives us a look at the connections between kyle shanahan and minneta's
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>>time now for >>and will op up wi more 49 ers jimmy garoppolo set to make his first career playoff start but if things worked out differently a few years ago it could have also been kirk coins starting for san francisco cow shahan 49 ers did not play the vikings this season boughtthere's a strong connection between the 2 teams see shanahan in th vikings qrterback have a history that goes back to their days in washington cousins drafted to the redskins mike how father might he spent 2 years working with kyle, when he was th offensive coordinator. the for the niners traded for crop low in 20 there is strong sense cow we'll try ursue cousins in free agency. it's a it has worked out for eryone involved since then shannon cousins. >>areciated their time to get. >>i think is always just week
9:41 pm
jaime's opportune every time he's got 4 opportunities, he's only gotten better. i know when he's had that means he's always learn from comeback i thinhe's just been given the right opportunity when every has beegiven the rit opportunity i tnk he's. show people's on the better quarterbacks in this league fortune severon some great coaches you know kyle certainly one of th. >>he shown that through the years now since since we have gone our separate ways just had the utmost respect for him as a coach and as a as a person andwhen the 49 ers at the field tomorrow afrnoon. if they'll be close to full strengtpretty ch at full strength. the much anticipated move became official today kwon alexander activated om injured reserve. >>linebacker hitting the field for the first time since week 8 of the regular season,he suffered a torn pectoral defensive lineman d-fort listed as questionable but highly likely he's back as ll along with the cost and tarts and don't forget a full serving of playoff coverage on all our platforms on air online kron on and tomorrow morni kaye rooney gets us started with the red and gold
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zo preview show at 9.30 and then after the game, a full recap at not coming up on kron 4 sport to 10 at the young and shorthanded warriors giving kawhileonard and the clippers. a fight toght in l ♪ here in t club i can't even hear my own voice. ♪ ♪ jack the box would've been a better choice. ♪ head to jack in the box anexperience the joy of msing out with my $3 mi munchies. get 'em delired with doordash. ♪ oy at jack in the box!
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♪♪ shod have gone to jack,ot a they've got it all. ♪ joy of missing out with myx $3 mini muhies.nce the get 'em delivered with doordash. ♪ only at jack in the box! >>police have released video of a brutal attack last month it was on 2 teenagers who were walking in santa and after dark investigators hope that >>help them find the suspect
9:45 pm
stacey butler has the sty. i think it's hoible strong reaction tonight from homeowners in this quiet sun and the neighborhood. >>after police released this security video of 2 teenage boys walking along loescher avenue street it's almt 10 o'clock the night before new year's eve. watch as attorney and colored 100 with the sunroof pulls up to them for guys get out a poce say they asked the teenif they were in the gang, then ro them the ctim said they were in a gang and tried to run away they didn't t far the suspects chase them down beat them took their phones and wallets. one guy attacked a teewith a baseball bat that's pretty scary maria marin anher mom walked the same streets ery night but now that they've seen the attack on video will definitely be more. likei said we will walk around him. this time or maybe walk with a guydoes this worry you. >>my son i would say mom and th juneau walk him for
9:46 pm
about about the sun out you know nothing about the lk attack. >>uld get could be an older person could be you. a young peson, you know, this does is is as dangerous. police ay the suspects jumped in their c and took off the neighbor who set up security cames didn't want to show his face but. >>he td us he just put up the cameras because recent break its he's ad he did they really think that they're not being watched with there's plenty of people with cameras and plenty of people ready to. >>catch him out. that was stacey butler repoing for us tonit police do believe the suspects may be gang members. >>special reunion for a sacramento man ralph johnson and his dog cognac of bin inseparable for months that is until one day when thdog got aw. johnson search r cognac but came up empty, then one day he saw a deaddog lying on the road where he d cognc often walked. johnson took the dog to be cremated. at the frnt street animal shelter ortly afterward johnson got a textfrom the facilityayg cognac was
9:47 pm
still alive, it turns out e dog, thejohnson found and always his looked a lot like cognac, buit was a fferent dog and that led to the happ >>i have been having ups and downs he'staught me so much abt myself. cremated the wrong dog hnson and thshelter both say a microchip in cognac is what led to the reunion. both believe it would not have happened if it hadn't been for that cremation confion. well got to chip in god. have to shift to a spade utered ship from bumble. >>might that or 4 zone forecast we're taking live look right now tside the san francisco's embarcadero quiet after tonight, indeed it's a friday nighteverybody is at home. >>resting because tomorrow is going many niners fans out there and so many people who are suddenly niners fans becae it's something to do the thing is is here do you know where you're gointo wear tomorrow when you work aware dress because i am going
9:48 pm
to work tomorrow which is tienen grant so we're all going to wear i know back okay to okay. this is not any statement. >>that is purple it's nd of reddish it's kind of you know the vikings are what is she called them what was th nickname bikes, the vice yes, acts whatever us tomorrow is going to rain at the gate. no fortunately kickoffnot going to rain so where olot 49ers off to a grea start we are going to notice morning showers beginning way to plenty of sunshine by the afternoon drier conditions as well mid-fiies by kickoff time as they take on the vikings and windspeeds light and breezy and here's a live look outside golden gate bridge very lm quiet out there not deali with any dense low clouds and fog but ware going to notice that increase in high cloud cover overhead. >>temperatures on the mi side upper 50's and even low step outside and we're all ou going to notice widespread 40's for overnight lows, let's
9:49 pm
take a look at your microclite saturday forecast because we are going to dry out by saturday afternoon with plenty of snshine wind speeds will be breezy throhout the san franciscopeninsula about 35 mis per hour less downtown san francisco 55 degrees r your afternoon highs mid 50's as well for those of you at half moon bay south an francisco 54 degrees as a san bruno ca foster city 56 degrees paulo altered a little bit milder in the low 50's with widespread d to upper 50's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 50 degrees milpitas 54 degrees hayward in livermore in the east bay at 57 degrees for your saturday afternoon or in the 51 degrees as moraga but berkeley degrees by your saturday afternoon in the 1st half of the weekend napa 56 degrees in santa rosa warming up to 58 degrees. let's take a look ahead because am tracking the first of 4 storm set to arrive tonight during the overnight hours bringing us about a 10th of an inch of rain. sunday could sesome
9:50 pm
rain as well with the second week storm about a quarter of an inch of rain or ls higher amnts for those of you in the noth and then monday another round of wet weather about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less but the main event will arrive on wednesday th i'm tracking a pretty typical storm for this time of year in the y area so very winter like storm arriving where we inch of rain and maybe wind gusts upwards of 50 miles per hour or less through thursday granted vicki back to you. >>it is not alone he one of the oldest bars in the new york city borough of queens is closing after nearly 190 years in business that's a log time yet thowner says rising rand is just drivi him out. >>it is reality ome bay ea staurant and bar owners have to face all too often. >>kemberly richardson has the story. >>it's hard to let go. i ep thinking that any minute now something's going to happen. >>but it hasn't it seems it's
9:51 pm
the last call for new year's here and what haven queens, a nearly 200 year-old tavern that survived many rounds of the mmunitieearned it i wish she would have had a christmas macle of the breeze talking about oyd gordon he owns the small cars spot on 70 a street years ago he took over poured s heart nd so into the place turned around but financially challenged foreign for yes business was thriving. this even the backdrop for scenes in the at the mob hit goodfellas to remember fit coming here. >>and i was like 7 or 8 mary much has changed here. e not everybody was so friend and wa communities like it is now over one thing did change last year the building owner sold the property with no current lease, the rent more an doubng the strain on his finances and family life loy is calling it quits what
9:52 pm
breaks his heart sunday nears will close r yes been a big d i miss my >>still had most my friends that i have now my close circle of friends. >>have come from here but as the hours wind down everyone is hoping r hail mary. >>if so when. >>you can see thvision that i have for it and somehow brave enough to renegotiate something that they feel th they can make work and be here in takers of passn and there's have a new choice. l work together. >>that was kimberly richard tonight at gordon sought us histric landmark status for the establishment severa years ago, but didn't have any luck with that he ys that the status would have prevend future owners from removing historic elements such as the honduran mahogany bar from the early 1800's. >>up next a itrs in
9:53 pm
sacramentgot a b trump: obamacare is a complete and total disaster. let amacare implode. nue: these wild attacks on healthcare hurt the patients i care for. i've beea nurse in new york for thirty years. i knowhe difference leadership
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>>we sure since sacramento got a big tip this weekend and she plans to ay ome of the 4 words she was serving this table this we talking about more than $1800 tip the tab was less than a 165. so that's a pretty good percentage kathleen marino said sh svice small group of people tuesday night wildwood kitchen anbar. a won in
9:56 pm
the group paid the bill and juan moreno realize homuch she tipped. she was shaken up marinoworks 2 jobs to pay for her coege tuition. she's in the colaneri program at american river college. sh says she plans to use the moy for some car repairs and send the rest of it to help victims of the australian wildfire >>the mess arounwhen it comes to representing for the san francisco 49 ers says on twitter today that they have named a male snow leopard after quarterback jimmy garoppolo so if you want to chk out the jimmy g the snow leopard, the zoo is offering a dollar off admission they did that today and then also tomorrow if you show up at the zoo. and of coue you got to be wearing the colors which course is red and yet golden t this purple that. >>i so i don't mean you know it's like jimmy g gets traded
9:57 pm
in a year and then that snow leopard is it's just a yeah to rememb a no, but that's not going to happen now humidity winds tomorrow, the next week. >>super bowl miami's the sno leopard is all good because we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. hello 'm talking about. obvious say that agai tomorrow is that one 35 ad levi stadium first playoff game ever for the 9 ers at levi's so that's stirred. >>that a proper news at 9 for prime time coverage continues at e top of the she's hearing about for ne at 10. >>ank you smuch grant and vicki nextat 10 a shake-up at san francisco's district atrney's office just 2 days after being sworn in chase mebody does ready making some drastic changes. why he says he had to fire. t least 6 members of his staff plus a rideshare driver faces attempted rapecharges involving a passenger would have thlatest details on the arrest. that's in a live report and that big game day for the 49 ers is tomorrow, the red and gold will host the
9:58 pm
minnesota vikings in their first playoff game at levi's stdium. we have a preview of the game and also will take on the best places you can watch across the bay 's don't i wanted my hepatitis c gone. i put off treating mine. epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. whatever youtype, epclusa could be your kind of cure. i just found out about mine. i knew for years
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by going dirtly to the people we got results. that'sot sething you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. >>local news statio. that breaking ws in san francisco'district attorney's office tonight chase abbo


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